Partnering with Homeschool Families in North Alabama

Learn more about Veritas at one of our upcoming Informational Meetings - January 25, February 22, March 29, & April. 26 @ 6:30 p.m.

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Could you use help selecting curriculum for your K-12th grade student?
Would you benefit from professional outside testing and evaluation of your child's work?

Do you wish for your child to have opportunities to engage with his or her peers in valuable discussion and dialogue?

Could you use a few hours one day each week for running errands? 

Do you want to strengthen your child's reading, writing and speaking skills in order to set them up for lifelong learning success?

Do you want your child to recognize God at work throughout creation and across history?


Veritas School offers homeschooling families a unique complement to their home study programs by providing one day per week of classroom instruction, with an emphasis on classical as well as traditional subjects taught from a distinctly Christian perspective. Veritas Classical School functions in the role of tutor, assisting parents in their educational roles.

The purpose of Veritas Classical School is to help mold students into thinkers and communicators- young men and women who do not merely repeat the information they have been taught but rather who analyze, critique, and affect the world by applying Biblical wisdom to their lives, families, and communities.

All students at Veritas Schools learn factual and philosophical truth, learn to evaluate the messages they are receiving from the world around them, and learn to defend their beliefs in a persuasive manner.

The Veritas student is taught to think biblically and logically, not just to blindly memorize seemingly unrelated and irrelevant facts required to do "well" on tests. It is our goal that the Veritas student becomes a lifelong learner who can consistently evaluate and critique relevant issues and skillfully communicate his or her thoughts.


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